National Capital Chapter 70 - Ottawa, Canada

VE3QN Biography

Bryan Rawlings - QCWA #32626



Grew up in Montréal. Attended elementary and high schools in Montréal

Education / Employment History

Amateur Radio History

Additional Information

Active on 80m through 70 cm using CW, SSB, PSK31, RTTY and SSTV. Also FM on 6m, 2m and 70 cm. Take turns as Net Control Station for the “247 DX Net”.

Member of PARC, OARC and OVMRC. Presented “The W8NUE Modem – A New Way to Work PSK31 Portable” at OARC in March 2009.

Member of RAC, ARRL and the International Amateur Radio Club (4U1ITU). Since December 2006 Has been the RAC Special Advisor for the World Radiocommunication Conferences. Presented “New Bands for a New Century” at RAC Forum 2009.

Member of QCWA and Chapter 70. Served as Chapter 70 Treasurer (2007-2009). Gave a presentation on “The QSL Process – LotW and eQSL” at the Chapter 70 November 2008 dinner meeting. Presented with QCWA “55 Years Licensed” Golden Certificate and lapel pin at the Chapter 70 May 2014 dinner meeting.