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Late in the year 1947, a group of radio amateurs got together in mid-town New York City to discuss the establishment of an organization dedicated to fostering and developing friendship and co-operation among amateur radio operators of more than twenty-five years standing, making use of the reservoir of knowledge and experience represented within the membership for the benefit of all radio amateurs, and for the furtherance of the public welfare through amateur radio communication. Under the name "Quarter Century Wireless Amateur Club", the new organization, at its meeting on December 5, 1947, elected John DiBlasi, W2FX, as its president, John A. Stobbe, W2WZ, as vice-president, Leon A. Hanson, W2FIT, secretary, and David Talley, W2PF, treasurer. Some thirty-four members were present at the organizational meeting and they, together with another twenty area amateurs who joined before December 31, 1947, were designated charter members of the fledgling club.

In 1949, the club was established as a non-profit membership corporation of the State of New York, -- Quarter Century Wireless Association,, Inc. -- and began attracting interest, first on a national scale, and then internationally. The familiar logo of a bearded, pipe-smoking Old Timer working a key was adapted by Otto Eppers, W2EA, from a cartoon in QST. As membership grew, chapters were established beginning in 1951, and a quarterly bulletin, QCWA News, began circulation to carry news of Association activities to members. In 1950, annual QCWA QSO parties were inaugurated.

By the end of 1973, active membership in QCWA exceeded 6,000 and 68 chapters had been chartered, including one in Sydney , Australia, the first to be chartered outside the United States of America. As of June 30th, 1997 there were 196 Chapters world-wide that had joined the organization.

Membership certificates are serial numbered,and the current new members are receiving numbers over 38,000.

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