National Capital Chapter 70 - Ottawa, Canada

About Chapter 70

Some History

In 1973, there were about thirty Ontario radio amateurs who had become members of QCWA. In the Ottawa area, one of these, Ken Scrivens - VE3LJ, felt there was a need to promote QCWA as a catalyst to bring "old-timers" together "maybe once a year for a dinner meeting and evening rag-chew session".

He sent circulars to 'older' amateurs in and around Ottawa, setting out his objectives, and enclosing with each a QCWA membership application, with his signature as sponsor. Another local QCWA member, Hank Harley - VE3BR, lent his full support, and a gratifying number of Ottawa area amateurs became members of QCWA.

Encouraged by this response, Ken then called a meeting for Feb 28,1974 to petition QCWA Headquarters to approve the establishment of a chapter in the national capital area.

The twenty-one Charter Members of Chapter 70 (in alphabetical order, by call sign) were: VE3BBM Ralph Cameron, VE3BR Hank Harley, VE3BYX Carl Everson, VE3DH John McCalla, VE3DMC George Schuthe, VE3DV Holland Shepherd, VE3GX Ed Morgan, VE3HO Norm Lewrey, VE3JA Brodie Gillies, VE3KF Jim Swail, VE3LC Doc Haycock, VE3LJ Ken Scrivens, VE3MA Doc Plummer, VE3OJ Charles Poole, VE3OZ Doug Pepper, VE3PY Vern McCourt, VE3QA Hal Parsons, VE3SB Bill Marsh, VE3UD Bud Punchard, VE3VP Howard Poole, and VE3ZS Art Stark.

For the rest of the Chapter 70 early history, download the 67 page PDF full of information and photos covering the years 1974 to 1999. Chapter 70 Early History.


Quarterly Meetings

Chapter 70 usually holds four dinner meetings per year. Currently, these meetings are being held via the Internet. Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of February, May, September, and November. The November meeting is the Annual General Meeting with election of officers for the following year. Meeting information is shown on our Home page.

Weekly Breakfast Meeting

Informal breakfast gatherings are held every Thesday morning. Meeting time and location are shown on our Home page.

Weekly Chapter 70 2M Net

Chapter 70 holds a 2M Net every Monday evening at 1930 hrs local time on VE3OCE. The frequency is 146.880 (-600 kHz offset and a tone of 136.5 Hz.). The callsign used is VE3QCW. You need not be a QCWA member to check into this Net.

Join Us

We would enjoy your company. If you qualify (licensed 25 years- not necessarily continuously) and would like to join Chapter 70, then, in accordance with QCWA, Inc bylaws, you must first join QCWA. Information on becoming a QCWA member can be found here.

Once you have your QCWA membership, simply complete the Chapter 70 application form, and send it to us. Use the "Contact Us" link below to request more information.

Chapter 70 membership runs by the calendar year and all one-year memberships expire Dec 31, regardless of when they commenced.